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Merrytown Properties Corporation : Torre De Florencia For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Studio + Balcony ₱ 2,550,000 20 Other Cuts Available
1 Bed + Balcony ₱ 4,650,000 36.90 Other Cuts Available

We dream BIG for our self and for our love ones. We toil hard to be able to have the rewards of a good life like a beautiful home. A home where you can find love, caring and encouragement with one another. A home that’s built not only on love but also on joy, peace, contentment and faith.

For what reasons are you working for?  Some will say for self-fulfillment. Others will mention for personal success. But for those who have a family – a home is where you create and build memories. A home is not only a symbol of what you’ve attained in life, but more of how well you’ve reached that status.  A goal that you’ve always  wanted and hoped for. A dream home is one of the most sought-after rewards of anyone who works or  does business or just dream about it.   A sanctuary of sorts. A place where you can relax, refresh, renew and recharge.  But to be able to achieve it – it takes a lot of focus, dedication, passion and commitment.  You should have the heart and soul to do whatever it takes to be able to reach for your dreams. 

Reaching all your life goals means  your dream home can not be far beyond. You have a lot of choices – will it be a home in the countryside, a spacious condominium or a compact  townhouse in the city or a big house and lot in a high-end village or subdivision. Or maybe a simple home near a mountain or a lakeside. Whatever it is, you can be sure that your choice will reflect your own brand of taste and preferences.  A home is a part of you so you have to make it a happy and comfortable one. 

At TORRE DE FLORENCIA, everything is available that you wouldn’t have to worry about meeting all your needs – from malls and supermarkets, churches, hospitals, schools and other places of leisure and recreation.  Best of all, they are so accessible and conveniently located  near your place. Imagine having all your needs and getting them easily and fast. What a comfort to know that here, everything is just a step or a few minutes away. More than that, the potential for this portion in Caloocan City is really great that in a few years’ time – more developments will surface much as new business and commercial centers will be put up, more corporate offices, more businesses will thrive and prosper. This city is bustling with endless possibilities. Aren’t you glad you’d be there right when it is beginning to flourish?  Being there at the right time and place is definitely what the future looks like. 

So, is dreaming big a possibility? Of course, it is. It starts from a small thought or wish but when you decide to make it happen, it will. Dreaming a perfect home becomes easy when what you’ve got is a great choice.  TORRE DE FLORENCIA is definitely one great choice. You’ve got to see it to believe it!

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