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Just like the usual developments in the metro, TORRE DE FLORENCIA provides the best amenities and facilities to its homeowners. They feel the need of residents to have a “work-life balance” so facilities are there to be enjoyed to the hilt. 

As you enter the condominium, there’s a Tower B Lobby as well as an Elevator Lobby.  Your guests can stay at the reception as they wait for you, as there is a lounge area, too.  Such a warm and cozy ambiance as you is welcomed to a home where there’s so much comfort and convenience, too. 

For the young ones as well as the adults, there’s a swimming pool where everyone can enjoy. Dip in the pool on a relaxing night or maybe during weekends or day-offs when everyone is feeling easy breezy.  Nearby is a bar for the adults where they can just chill and lounge around. Set the place for some good, clean fun as you unwind on Friday or Saturday nights to be recharged again for a weeklong of hustle and bustle.  Surely, fun and excitement await you here – a great way to drive-off all the stresses and worries of the week’s grind. 

“Health is wealth,” as they say.  For those who are religiously following their daily workouts and exercises, a gym is available in the community just for you. You can even schedule on doing daily bonding workouts with your family. So, just run, walk, hop, bend, jump, flex, twist and stretch all those tired bodies for some exercises, either alone or with a group to perk you up in the mornings. Or you can opt to do them after office or school before you rest at night for a relaxing, peaceful slumber at night. Definitely, a gym in your own home is always a welcome treat – saves you money, time and effort if you would still do it away from your place. 

The 5th Floor of the property is where all the amenities for the residential area are. 

Surely, all the property’s facilities would be a great way for homeowners to bond and have fun with their dear ones and completely forget their work or businesses for a while. Some of these facilities are really meant for the whole family to enjoy together.

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